About Me

I launched Endeavour Archery because of my profound passion for archery and my desire to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over 20 years of practice with a bow and arrow.

I’m Geoff Hindmarsh, hailing from the green fields of the UK, but my archery pursuits have taken me far and wide. From the historic archery ranges of Europe to the cultural diversity of Asia, the art of archery has been my constant companion.

As an archery aficionado and the creator of Endeavour Archery, this blog is where I share my journey, tips, and the sheer joy of archery with you.

Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just stringing your first bow, I’m here to guide and support your archery adventure. Reach out to me at [email protected] for guidance or just to share your archery stories!

Keep aiming true, Geoff Hindmarsh

What You’ll Get From Endeavour Archery, and What You Won’t Get

At Endeavour Archery, you’ll find everything you need from tips on selecting your first bow, and the history of archery, all the way through to tips for the experienced archer looking to refine their skill.

I’ll share my own experiences and research as well as my ongoing practice and progress.

Crossbows have never appealed to me, simply because of their similarity to guns. With traditional archery, I feel more of a connection to the bow and the target. I find there’s more of an ‘art’ to it than simply pointing at something and pulling a trigger.

You’ll also get articles on:

  • Recurve bows
  • Long Bows
  • Compound Bows
  • Arrow Tuning
  • Bow Selection
  • Product Reviews
  • Backyard Shooting
  • Bow Accessories

My own personal preference is Recurve Target Archery. Although I do like to use and practice with Asiatic bows and the English Longbow. And I would love to try a Japanese Yumi bow one day!

I write about Archery from the point of view that it is a very subjective sport. I love how some people can really feel a connection to one aspect of it, while others get a totally different feel from another.

No two draws are exactly alike, but you need to make your own draw exactly the same every time. So the concentration, mindfulness and attention to detail that goes into perfecting each shot are also the other main aspects of archery that I find fascinating.

Where Did It All Start?

Errol Flynn.

My Dad was a huge fan of the original Robin Hood movie. I must have seen it a dozen times growing up. From that, I developed a love of the English medieval period and studied the Kings, Queens and conflicts of the time.

I stole all my Dad’s bamboo canes from his greenhouse to make my first bows. They would usually snap after an hour, so I would start to bind two, and then three canes together.

After my backyard adventures escalated to puncturing holes in our garbage cans, my Dad took me to our local range.

And here we are…

As well as an avid archer, I’m also a writer, my first novel, Dragon Dogs was published in 2015. I’m currently planning a sequel to that book.

Aside from archery, the other significant passions in my life are fitness and travel. If I’m not at the range, I’m probably thinking about which country and culture to explore next, or you’ll most likely find me in the gym working out. As an ex-personal trainer, it’s in the blood!

Over To You

I really hope that you enjoy this website. If you’re as passionate about archery as I am, you should find something that flicks your switch.

I would love to hear any feedback that you have on the articles and content on the site. I’m all about learning, so it’s really encouraging to listen to your feedback. I promise I’ll answer get back to any questions or queries you have.