When Should You Start To Use A Clicker? (3 Signs To Look For!)

by | Aug 31, 2022

Archery is a sport that requires precision and consistency. One accessory that can help with achieving both of these things is a clicker. Now, you may be wondering – when you should start to use a clicker in archery. It’s an important question because introducing this piece of equipment too soon or too late can actually hinder your progress as an archer.

A clicker is a small device that attaches to the bowstring and clicks when drawn to a specific length. Its purpose is to provide consistent reference points for an archer’s draw length, which can lead to more accurate shots.

In general, you need to have a foundation before you start using the clicker. Once you have consistency with your shooting and have the fundamentals of archery, you should start to think about using the clicker sooner, rather than later.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a clicker, the factors to consider before introducing one, and ultimately answer the pressing question of when it’s appropriate to start using one. So let’s dive in!

When Should You Start Using A Clicker?

So now we come back to our main question – when should you start using a clicker? The answer isn’t straightforward because there are several factors to consider.

For novice archers, it’s generally recommended to wait until they have developed the proper form and technique before introducing a clicker.

This is because a beginner’s focus should be on learning the basics of archery, such as how to stand correctly, how to grip the bow, and how to release the arrow smoothly. Experienced archers, on the other hand, may benefit from using a clicker earlier on in their journey.

If you already have established form and technique, introducing a clicker can help improve consistency and accuracy in your shots right away.

However, it’s still important to make sure that you’re using an appropriate bow draw weight and shooting style before adding this device to your setup.

What Is A Clicker Used For In Archery?

The clicker is a thin strip of aluminium that sits on the riser and points down in the direction of the arrow. An additional aluminium post is also screwed into the front of the riser, and that will act as the platform for the clicker to click against.

When you nock an arrow, the clicker will sit lightly over the outside of the arrow shaft. Then, when you draw the arrow back to the correct draw length, the click will slip off the tip of the arrow and click against the aluminium post. That’s the signal for you to release.

As a draw length indicator, a clicker is a crucial tool at the competitive level, but also for anyone looking to maximise their potential in archery.

Benefits of Using a Clicker

Using a clicker can be highly beneficial for archers of all levels. One of the primary reasons is that it helps improve consistency and accuracy in shooting.

With a clicker, you have a consistent reference point for the release of your arrow. This means that each shot will be released at the same point in your draw, which promotes consistency in your form and accuracy in your shots.

By using a clicker, you’ll be able to develop muscle memory around your release point, which will result in more accurate shots over time. Another benefit of using a clicker is that it can help with form and technique.

When you use a clicker, you’re forced to maintain proper alignment throughout your draw cycle. This means that you’ll develop stronger muscles and better form overall as you practice with the clicker.

Additionally, because the clicker requires more control over your draw length, it can help prevent “over-drawing” or extending beyond your comfortable range of motion which can cause strain or injury to shoulders and arms.

Overall, using a clicker can significantly improve both your consistency and accuracy in archery while also helping to develop proper form and technique.

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3 Main Factors to Consider Before Using a Clicker

1. Experience Level: Novice vs Experienced Archers

When it comes to using a clicker in archery, experience level is an important factor to consider. Novice archers should focus on developing proper form and technique before introducing a clicker to their practice routine.

This is because using a clicker can be overwhelming for beginners, as it adds an extra step to the shooting process and requires additional focus. On the other hand, experienced archers may benefit from using a clicker earlier on in their training.

Once you have established proper form and technique, using a clicker can help improve consistency and accuracy in your shots. It can also help you identify any flaws in your technique that may have gone unnoticed during practice without a clicker.

2. Bow Draw Weight: How Much Weight Can You Comfortably Handle?

Another important factor when considering whether or not to use a clicker in archery is bow draw weight. Clickers are designed to work best with consistent draw weights, so it’s important to choose an appropriate weight for your bow before incorporating a clicker into your practice routine.

If you’re not sure what weight you can comfortably handle, start with something lighter and work your way up gradually. Remember that overexerting yourself with too heavy of a draw weight could lead to injury or poor shooting form.

3. Shooting Style: Different Styles Require Different Techniques

Shooting style is also an important consideration when deciding whether or not to use a clicker in archery. Different styles require different techniques, so it’s essential to understand how they impact the use of a clicker.

For example, traditional archers who shoot without sights may find it more difficult to incorporate a clicker into their practice routine than those who use sighted bows. In contrast, Olympic-style archers who shoot with sights and use a consistent anchor point may benefit greatly from using a clicker to improve their consistency and accuracy.

Ultimately, your shooting style will determine whether or not a clicker is right for you. Consider the factors discussed above carefully before making a decision.

How Do You Set Up A Clicker In Archery?

Setting up the clicker on your recurve bow is a simple and easy process:

  1. The clicker fits onto your bow via a hole on the riser.
Start to use a clicker
Clicker Attachment

2. You can move and adjust the clicker by sliding it along the post to get the right distance.

Using the clicker
Clicker Adjustment

3. To mount the arrow, lift the clicker and place the arrow on the rest.

The clicker goes on the outside of the arrow shaft

4. When in the holding position, the arrow tip should be a few millimetres off the clicker.

Holding position: Arrow tip just off the clicker

It’s critical that you use arrows of the correct length when using a clicker. If your arrows are too long or too short, then they will render the clicker unusable.

Another alternative is to mount the clicker onto the sight bar. This will give you more clearance to work with.

When You Shouldn’t Use The Clicker

If you have no desire to shoot competitively and are just looking to shoot recreationally, then there’s no real reason to use a clicker.

While using the clicker as a training tool can accelerate the learning process, you can go through your entire archery journey without using one, and you’ll be completely fine.

Dialling down the specifics of how much muscle control it can take to use the clicker effectively can suck the enjoyment out of archery for some people. They find themselves becoming obsessed with getting past the clicker and can’t focus on anything else.

If shooting barebow and traditional archery was the reason you picked up a bow in the first place, then using a clicker shouldn’t really be on your radar.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Using A Clicker

Premature Release

One of the most common problems archers face when using a clicker is releasing the arrow too soon. This can happen if you are not used to the sensation of the clicker or if you are anxious about hitting your target. To avoid a premature release, it’s important to focus on your technique and timing.

Take a deep breath, aim carefully, and focus on pulling through the clicker smoothly. With practice, you’ll learn to feel when the clicker is about to activate, and can release at just the right moment.

Arrow Misalignment

Another issue that can occur when using a clicker is a misalignment of the arrow. This happens when your arrow isn’t placed correctly on the rest or if it doesn’t line up properly with your bowstring. To fix this problem, start by checking your equipment for loose parts or damage.

Then, make sure that your arrow is seated securely on its rest and that it lines up perfectly with your bowstring. You may also need to adjust your form or draw length so that everything lines up correctly.

Adjusting Your Technique

Ultimately, using a clicker requires good form and technique in order to be effective. If you’re experiencing issues with premature release or arrow misalignment, it may be time to adjust your approach.

Start by practising without a clicker until you feel comfortable with your form and technique. Then add in the clicker slowly, focusing on pulling through smoothly and releasing at just the right moment.


Using a clicker in archery can be incredibly beneficial for improving consistency and accuracy in shooting – but like any new tool or piece of equipment, there may be an adjustment period as you get used to it.

The clicker should be seen as a training tool and a shooting accessory. You don’t really need to wait until you shoot perfectly before using a clicker. And let’s face it, if you were shooting perfectly you wouldn’t need one anyway!

With practice and patience, you can overcome common issues like premature release and arrow misalignment, and become an even better archer than before.

So why not give it a try? Who knows – using a clicker may just be the thing that takes your archery game to the next level!